Quality procedure

1. Incoming inspection
1.1 vendor delivery, its "delivery note" fill in name, size, quantity, delivery time, etc. ; by the warehouse personnel check and accept confirmation, notify the quality control unit tests. Such as material goods are exempt (such as punches, dies, etc.) or exempt supply of materials from suppliers warehouse storage directly after the number of check and accept.
1.2 for the exemption of raw materials, such as an abnormal result of the manufacturing process or material resulting because of customer complaints, the issue should reflect the quality control unit to the procurement unit, and for processing.
1.3 IQC staff according to the "feed inspection norms" for incoming inspection, and inspection results entered in the "closed material inspection table", after examination by the competent judge to make the final acceptance . Is the qualified materials, should be according to their different specifications, different batches and placed into different regions; and identified with signage, indicating their name, date and quality of storage conditions, to ensure to meet the requirements.
1.4 feed failure of the test items, IQC staff are issued by the "quality abnormal contact list" confirmed delivery charge and informed purchasing department to help return or exchange. And record as one of the bases of performance appraisal firms.
2. Process inspection
2.1 test standard by the quality control unit based on customer requirements to develop, or developed based on fixed standards.
2.2 change or repair the equipment, tooling replacement, process changes, material specifications for replacement first article inspection, and inspection results are recorded in the "first article inspection record form." The first piece inspection and approval, by the IPQC in the production department "operating instructions" cover "PASS" chapter, the production department in order for mass production. The first piece failed, IPQC can not issue "PASS" chapter, while the production department personnel can not be mass produced until the first piece pass up.
2.3 self-examination: Production Operator by the appearance of the product for self-examination.
2.4 mobile inspection: mass production in the product, IPQC mobile inspection staff should be based on standardized check every two hours, and the results were recorded in the "inspection process starts with IPQC" and the " thread rolling process inspection IPQC table ", the qualified product label before being issued by pass into the next process.
2.5 substandard goods in process quality control personnel to monitor by the set, and well marked with yellow pots, classification, segregation, indicating bad reasons, the numbers. IPQC will also fill out the information non-conforming products in the "abnormal disposal single," by the QC supervisor, production supervisor by the QC in charge in conjunction with timely treatment, IPQC not responsible for the processing.
2.6 sampling: thread rolling process is completed, outgoing and hard, before plating, by QC personnel according to the "semi-finished products inspection norms" of the relevant content can be tested, and the results recorded in the "QC sampling record form" in; qualified products allow outgoing, substandard products should buckle down to the product and fill out the "product dealing with a single exception" by the head office QC by QC in charge in conjunction with the production supervisor in a timely manner deal with.
3. The ultimate test
3.1 plating return the goods, by the FQC officer pursuant to "the finished product inspection standards" for inspection and test results recorded in the "finished product inspection report", the qualified product, packaging and storage warehouse staff informed.
3.2 by the unqualified products from the FQC staff will check the data entered in the "product dealing with a single exception," in charge of processing by the QC.
3.3 as part of outsourcing product substandard processing, QC director in conjunction with business units according to customer orders, delivery, and make special mining, such as material goods because of failure would affect customers’ products and performance of the finished product should be informed of the failure causes were heat-treated plants or electroplating, timely treatment.
4. Shipment inspection
4.1 Quality Control Department QA personnel according to different customers for its product sampling, no special requirements of customers only The packaging and the number of confirmed results documented in the "ship inspection report"; customers have special requirements, to a finished product for each of its appearance, size, packaging, sampling inspection, the results recorded in the "finished product inspection table" in. Based on a standard normal random sample (105E).
4.2 nonconforming shipment shall be subject to QC checks found to confirm charge, as this information will affect the shipping business units should coordinate arrangements for shipping.
5. Environmental requirements
our products comply with ROHS, REACH, as well as toys and other environmental requirements, in accordance with customer requirements and can provide the test certificate. All suppliers must be according to the "banned substances control program production environment," signed with Division I and regularly provide the relevant test certificates; from time to time our suppliers will provide product sampling, if any failure of security requirements, you must immediately cancel the supplier qualification.
6. Note
6.1 for all stages of nonconforming items are found under "nonconforming product management program" treatment, and according to the "correction management and prevention programs "for cause analysis and implement corrective preventive action.
6.2 to determine the various stages of testing activities must be done by the relevant product knowledge training, inspection and qualified quality control personnel.
6.3 each stage of the test results should be recorded accurately and timely, and based on test results of the test product to be labeled.

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